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HP Designjet 330/350C Printers - Continuous or Unattended Plotting

Does the "continue plotting" button have to be pushed after every print job on the HP DesignJet 330 and 350C printer?
No. The HP DesignJet 330 and 350C printers are capable of unattended or continuous plotting when the roll-feed option is installed. The following steps describe how to achieve continuous plotting.
  1. Load the roll of media in the printer.
  2. When the printer is in a ready state, press the Continue Plotting key to enter Continuous Plotting Mode.
  3. When in Continuous Plotting Mode, the Roll light flashes.
  4. In the Continuous Plotting Mode, the printer does not pause between plots.
  5. When cutting the plot in Continuous Plot Mode, ensure that no plots have been sent to the printer before cutting.