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HP Designjet 300 Series Printers - Error and Film Lights are Flashing

Front panel system errors: "FILM and ERROR" or "PLAIN, ERROR, NORMAL, ROLL" have flashing lights or the message LEDs are on steady. Both the flashing and solid light patterns indicate an error condition. The flashing lights indicate an error which is user-recoverable.
  1. If the "FILM and ERROR" lights are flashing on the front panel: The message indicates a print cartridge is faulty, misplaced, or missing. It is possible that one or more of the cartridges is missing, is making a bad contact, or is the wrong type.
  2. If the "PLAIN, ERROR, NORMAL, ROLL" lights are on solid on the front panel: The message indicates a possible Firmware Failure. A Firmware Failure indicates a failure within the HP Designjet printer's communication system. The following conditions are possible:
    • The printheads or ink cartridges are possibly causing a short in the printhead carriage.
    • The printhead carriage and/or the trailing cable are faulty.
    • The firmware SIMM module is faulty.
    • The firmware socket on the on the main electronics module is faulty.
      If it is determined that the printheads or ink cartridges and the firmware SIMM module are working correctly, then internal printer components will need to be replaced. Any internal printer components should be replaced by an authorized HP Field Service technician.
If the "FILM and ERROR" lights are flashing, the message lights indicate a problem with any one or all of the four cartridges.
If the "PLAIN, ERROR, NORMAL, ROLL" message lights are on steady, the issue can be related to cartridge problems, and not just a firmware failure.
Use the following process to determine which cartridge is faulty:
  1. Remove all of the cartridges.
  2. Turn off the printer, then on again.
  3. Replace each cartridge one by one, starting with the black cartridge, when the film and error lights come on.
    After inserting each cartridge, pause a moment and verify the ready light flashes three times.
  4. If the cartridge is accepted, the ready light will flash three times. If the cartridge is not accepted, the ready light will not flash.
  5. If a color cartridge is the problem, put one of the other color cartridges in the suspect slot to see if the problem follows the cartridge or follows the slot.
  6. If the same cartridge fails in another color slot, the cartridge must be replaced.
    If the same cartridge works in another slot, clean the cartridge slot with a clean cloth to make sure that a proper electrical connection is made.
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