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Loading Paper for the HP LaserJet Pro P1566 and P1606dn Printers

If you try to print on media that is wrinkled, folded, or damaged in any way, a jam might occur.

Priority input slot

The priority input slot holds up to ten sheets of media or one envelope, one transparency, or one sheet of labels or cardstock. Load media with the top forward and the side to be printed on facing up. To prevent jams and skewing, always adjust the side media guides before feeding the media.

Main-input tray

The main-input tray holds 250 pages of 75 g⁠/⁠m2 paper, or fewer pages of heavier media (a 25 mm stack height or less).
Load media with the top forward and the side to be printed on facing up. To prevent jams and skewing, always adjust the side and front media guides.
When you add new media, make sure that you remove all of the media from the input tray and straighten the entire stack. This helps prevent multiple sheets of media from feeding through the product at one time, reducing media jams.

Paper orientation for loading trays

Only use media that is recommended for laser printers.
If you are using paper that requires a specific orientation, load it according to the information in the following table.
Paper type
How to load paper
Preprinted or letterhead
  • Face up
  • Top edge leading into the product
  • Face up
  • Holes toward the left side of the product
  • Face up
  • Left short edge leading into the product
Use the priority input slot for printing one envelope or other special media. Use the main-input tray for printing multiple envelopes or other special media.
  1. Before loading the media, slide the media guides outward to slightly wider than the media.
    Abbildung : Slide media guides outward
  2. Place the media in the tray and adjust the media guides to the correct width.
    Abbildung : Place media and adjust guides

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