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HP All-in-One, Deskjet, LaserJet, Officejet, PSC, and Photosmart Products - Linux Print Driver Availability

Linux print drivers for HP products

Hewlett-Packard develops HP Linux Imaging & Printing (HPLIP) software that includes a driver, a driver installer, and a toolbox for setup and configuring HP printers and All-in-Ones. The software supplies support for over 1,500 HP products, and works with nearly any Linux distribution on the market today.
Hewlett-Packard currently does not distribute HPLIP in printer boxes, nor is there Linux information in the printer documentation. However, all major Linux distributions regularly integrate HPLIP into their software releases. The latest HPLIP software resides on
Hinweis: is the official Web site for Open Source project development. The Web site acts as a repository for Open Source code, and provides tools for facilitating and managing the interactive nature of public code development. also acts as the most common noncommercial distribution point for Open Source software.

Obtain HPLIP software and support

You might want to update the HPLIP version that came with your Linux distribution in order to add support for a newer printer or for a new HPLIP feature or bug fix.
HP maintains an HPLIP Web site to help you get the latest HPLIP software. The site contains a wealth of information on HPLIP:
  • A direct link to download the HPLIP software form
  • Download, setup and installation instructions
  • Supported printers
  • System requirements
  • A “Get Help” button that links to an online community forum (regularly monitored by the HPLIP team) to post questions and get help with HPLIP software
    The forum is a valuable resource because there is no traditional phone or e-mail support that is specific to Linux printing.