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HP Officejet 6300 All-in-One Printer Series- Setting up the All-in-One (Hardware)

Setting up the All-in-One

Follow these steps in order.

Step one: Unpack the All-in-One

  1. Remove all tape and packing materialfrom the product.
    Figura : Remove all packing materials
    Remove all packing materials
  2. Lift the cartridge door.
  3. Remove and discard the orange shipping lock.
    Figura : Remove orange shipping lock
    Remove orange shipping lock

Step two: Check the contents of the box

The contents might vary by country/region. See the packaging for a list of items shipped in the box.

Step three: Attach the control panel faceplate

Use the following steps to attach the control panel faceplate, if the faceplate is not already attached:
  1. Align the control panel faceplate over the buttons on the product control panel.
    Figura : Align the control panel faceplate
    Align the control panel faceplate
  2. Press down firmly on all edges of the faceplate untilit snaps into place. Make sure that the corners and thebottom edge are attached and the buttonsare accessible.
    Figura : Attach the control panel faceplate
    Attach the control panel faceplate
    The control panel faceplate must be attached for the product to operate.

Step four: Attach the bottom paper tray

Align and attach the bottom (input) paper tray.
Figura : Attach tray
Attach tray

Step five: Load plain white paper

  1. Remove the top (output) tray, if installed.
  2. Slide the paper-width guide tothe left.
    Figura : Slide out the paper-width guide
    Slide out the paper-width guide
  3. Insert plain white paper.
    Figura : Load paper
    Load paper
  4. Move the paper-width guideto the edge of the paper.
  5. Attach the top (output) tray.
    Figura : Attach the top tray
    Attach the top tray
  6. Make sure to hook the top edge of the tray into the light gray latches, and then lower it into position.
  7. Pull out and flip over the tray extender.
    Figura : Open tray extender
    Open tray extender

Step six: Connect the power cord and adapter

Connect the power cord and adapter to the product and electrical outlet.
  1. Plug the printer end of the power adapter into the back of the printer.
  2. Plug the adapter end of the power cord into the power adapter.
  3. Plug the remaining end of the power cord into a grounded wall outlet or surge protector.
    Figura : Connect the power cord and adapter
    Connect the power cord and adapter to the rear of the product

Step seven: Connect the phone cord

  1. Connect one end of the supplied phone cordto the phone port (1-LINE) and theother end to a wall jack.
    Figura : Connect the phone cord
    Connect the phone cord
  2. To connect a phone or answering machine to the product, remove the plug from the (2-EXT) port and then plug the phone or answering machine into the port.
    Figura : Connect a phone or answering machine
    Connect a phone or answering machine
See the User Guide if you want to use your own phone cord or if you have any of the following features:
  • DSL
  • VolP/FolP
  • ISDN
  • Voice mail
  • Distinctive ring

Step eight: Turn the All-in-One on

  1. Press the On button on the product.
  2. Wait for the language prompt before continuing.
  3. To set the language for the display, use thearrow buttons to select a language, press OK,and then confirm.
  4. Use the arrow buttons to selecta country/region, press OK, and then confirm.

Step nine: Install the cartridges

  1. Make sure the product is turned on.
  2. Open the cartridge access door until it stops. The carriage that holds the cartridges moves to the right side of the product.
      Figura : Open the cartridge door
      Open the cartridge door
    1. Cartridge door
    2. Carriage
  3. Remove the new cartridges from the packaging and, being careful to touchonly the black plastic, gently remove the plastic tape by using the pink pull tab.
      Figura : Remove the tape
      Hold the cartridge by the sides and remove the protective tape
    1. Copper-colored contacts
    2. Plastic tape with pink pull tab (must be removed before installing)
    3. Ink nozzles under tape
    Do not touch the copper-colored contacts or ink nozzles.Touching these parts can result in clogs, ink failure, and bad electricalconnections.
    Do not touch the electrical contacts or ink nozzles.
  4. Slide the new cartridge forward into the empty slot. Then gently push it forward until it snaps into place.
    • Install the tri-color cartridge in the left slot.
    • Install the black or photo cartridge in the right slot.
    Figura : Insert the tri-color cartridge
    Insert the tri-color cartridge in the left slot
    Figura : Insert the black or photo cartridge
    Insert the black or photo cartridge in the right slot.
  5. Close the cartridge access door.
    Figura : Close the access door
    Close the cartridge access door.
  6. If you installed a new cartridge, the cartridge alignment process starts.
  7. Make sure that there is plain paper loaded in the input tray, and then press OK.
    The product aligns the cartridges and prints an alignment page.
  8. Check the status on the display, and then press OK again to complete the process.






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