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Troubleshooting Audio Problems with External Speakers, Headphones, and HDMI Sound Devices

This document pertains to HP Notebook PCs with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
This document addresses sound problems with external sound devices when there is sound from the built-in speakers. You should disconnect all external devices and then perform a simple test of the Windows sound system to be sure that sound is audible from the built-in speakers before troubleshooting external sound devices.
Using the Microsoft Fix it Tool
Microsoft provides a Fix it tool which can solve many problems, including issues with playback sound.
To use the Fix it tool, visit the Microsoft Fix it Solution Center.
Under step number two, click All problem areas.
Figure : All problem areas selection
All problem areas selection
Type sound into the search box, and then click Run Now next to the Automatically diagnose and fix Windows audio playback problems search result.
Figure : Sound search results
Sound search results
If the problem persists after running the Fix it tool, continue to the next step.
Two Quick Tests
If you suddenly have no sound, there are two settings to check are easily overlooked:
  • Verify the sound is not muted.
  • Verify the correct sound output device is selected.
Troubleshooting Issues with External Sound Devices
If the internal speakers are functioning correctly and you still have an issue with the external devices, continue with the following troubleshooting procedures.


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