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List of HP-Certified Windows Vista Capable PCs

These documents pertain to HP Notebook PCs being upgraded from Windows XP to Windows Vista.
HP and Compaq Supported PCs
The HP-certified Windows Vista Capable Notebook PCs listed below were manufactured and sold before Microsoft released the Windows Vista operating system in early 2007. These PCs were sold with the Windows XP OS and will support the Microsoft Vista operating system. HP PC models not listed here are not certified to run the Windows Vista operating system.
HP Special Edition L2000
HP Pavilion dv5000
Compaq Presario B1900
HP Special Edition L2100
HP Pavilion dv5100
Compaq Presario C300
HP Special Edition L2200
HP Pavilion dv5200
Compaq Presario C310
HP Special Edition L2300
HP Pavilion dv6000
Compaq Presario C350
HP Compaq nc2400
HP Pavilion dv6100
Compaq Presario C390
HP Compaq nc6400
HP Pavilion dv6200
Compaq Presario C500
HP G3000
HP Pavilion dv8000
Compaq Presario C510
HP G5000
HP Pavilion dv8100
Compaq Presario C540
HP Pavilion dv1600
HP Pavilion dv8200
Compaq Presario C550
HP Pavilion dv1700
HP Pavilion dv8300
Compaq Presario V2300
HP Pavilion dv2000
HP Pavilion dv8400
Compaq Presario V2400
HP Pavilion dv2100
HP Pavilion dv9000
Compaq Presario V2500
HP Pavilion dv2200
HP Pavilion dv9200
Compaq Presario V2600
HP Pavilion tx1000
Compaq Presario V2700
Compaq Presario V3000
Compaq Presario V3100
Compaq Presario V3200
Compaq Presario V3300
Compaq Presario V5000
Compaq Presario V5100
Compaq Presario V5200
Compaq Presario V5300
Compaq Presario V6000
Compaq Presario V6100
Compaq Presario V6200
Compaq Presario V6300
HP and Compaq Non-Supported PCs
HP does not support the upgrade from XP to Vista for non-HP Certified Vista capable PCs. HP provides neither Windows Vista drivers nor technical support for non HP-certified Windows Vista Capable PCs.
Attempting to install Windows Vista on a PC not listed as HP-certified Windows Vista Capable may cause a loss of your programs and personal data, and the PC and peripherals may operate with limited functionality or not at all.
If you encounter operation problems when using Windows Vista, HP recommends that you restore the PC to its original condition by doing a clean installation of Windows XP.


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