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Installing and Updating QuickPlay/DVD Play 2.x

QuickPlay and DVD Play software plays DVD movies or music CDs on your notebook. It comes pre-installed on some notebooks and is displayed as either QuickPlay or DVD Play depending on the computer model and hardware components. When it is configured as QuickPlay it has additional features such as the ability to connect to a webcam.
On computer models with a QuickPlay button on the keyboard, you can start the computer and the application by pressing the QuickPlay button. QuickPlay will be the first application started. The other start-up applications will continue to load while the DVD movie or music CD is already playing. Pop-up windows (such as Norton Anti-Virus and HP Total Care) will appear during the startup but can be minimized so that you can continue watching the DVD. DVD Play can be started after the computer is running in Windows.
Recognizing the different versions of QuickPlay/DVD Play
There are three different versions of QuickPlay/DVD Play. You should determine which version is designed for your computer and then verify which version is actually installed. If an incorrect version is installed, you should uninstall the old application and then install the correct version.
QuickPlay version
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QuickPlay 1.x
Available on older notebooks with XP operating system that were shipped with an Operating System CD, a Driver Recovery CD, and the QuickPlay Installation CD. Version 1.x requires the manual creation of a 204 MB Linux partition on the hard drive.
QuickPlay 2.x
Available on notebook PCs with XP operating system that were shipped with the diskless Recovery Manager utility. The Recovery Manager, which is installed on a separate hard drive partition, can be used to reinstall the application.
If a set of XP recovery discs for the XP operating system was created, they can be used to reinstall the application. Version 2.x requires a 1 GB windows partition on the hard drive.
If the PC shipped with the Vista operating system but was downgraded to the XP OS, you cannot use QuickPlay. You can use a third-party program to view your DVDs.
This document covers installing and upgrading QuickPlay / DVD Play 2.x.
QuickPlay 3.x
Available on notebook PCs with the Windows Vista operating system that were shipped with the diskless Recovery Manager utility. The Recovery Manager, which is installed on a separate hard drive partition, can be used to reinstall the application. It is also available for PCs that were shipped with the XP operating system but are certified by HP as Vista capable, and have been upgraded to Vista using the HP Vista Upgrade utility. The 3.x version can be downloaded from the HP web site and can be used to install the Vista version of the application.
Identifying the installed version of QuickPlay/DVD Play
To determine what version of QuickPlay/DVD Play is installed, start the application and click the Info/More Settings icon. Select the About option from the list of options. The Build Number is displayed. For example, Build Number: 2.3.4618. The Info/More Settings menu is not available on all versions.
Reinstall the XP version of QuickPlay/DVD Play 2.x with Recovery Manager
For computers that are currently running Windows XP, you can use your Windows XP recovery discs and the Recovery Manager to reinstall the XP version of QuickPlay/DVD Play by following these steps:
  1. Close all applications and connect the PC to the AC power adapter.
  2. Click Start, All Programs, System Recovery, and then click Application & Driver Recovery.
  3. Select the option to reinstall an application, and click Next.
  4. Select the option to place a checkmark next to the HP QuickPlay / DVD Play option, and click Next.
After the installation is complete, press the QuickPlay icon on the display, or press the QuickPlay
button above the keyboard, to open the QuickPlay application.
Upgrade path
If you upgrade QuickPlay 2.x from inside the application, the application will upgrade to the latest version of 2.x. If you upgrade using the OS CDs, the version will be the original version that was shipped with the computer.
The following procedure shows how to update QuickPlay from within the application.
  1. Click Start, type quickplay in the search field, and then select QuickPlay from the list.
  2. In QuickPlay, double-click the Update icon. The Updates and Enhancements window opens.
  3. Double-click Get the latest QuickPlay updates.
  4. Select Download now! and follow the on-screen instructions.


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