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Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows XP, 2006 or Later)

This document pertains to HP Notebook computers with Windows XP, 2006 or later.
The PC System Recovery is an easy-to-use suite of three utilities that restores individual driver and programs or restores the hard drive on the computer to original factory condition. The PC System Recovery utilities are installed on a special partition of the hard drive, and are available at any time to return a computer to a known good operating condition.
Prior to 2006, several different tools and processes were provided for recovering HP and Compaq Notebook computers to their original operating condition. For notebooks originally configured with XP or any other operating system, to verify that you are using the proper recovery procedure, see Overview of Recovering the OS or Reinstalling the Operating System.
  • PC Recovery Disc Creator
    This application is used when the computer is setup and run for the first time. A card in the shipping box, shaped like a CD disc, provides a reminder to make a set recovery discs. A message is also displayed on the monitor periodically until the recovery discs are created or the reminder function is turned off.
  • Application and Driver Recovery
    This application is used to either install specific drivers or applications that were bundled with the computer, or to reinstall the Windows operating system (OS) without destroying the programs and data. If the OS is corrupted, using this option allows critical data to be copied or backed up to an external storage device. See one of the following sections of this document for more information.
  • PC Recovery
    This application is used to reformat the hard drive and return the computer to original factory condition. This option overwrites and destroys all the data on the hard drive. You can then reinstall any programs and updated software, and retrieve any of the backed up data. See one of the following sections of this document for more information.


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