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HP Desktop PCs - Using HP Support Assistant (Windows 7)

This document pertains to HP and Compaq Desktop computers with Windows 7.
HP Support Assistant is a software program designed to help you keep your computer in working order, prevent potential problems from arising, and resolve problems quickly and easily. The program also provides valuable system information that you need when troubleshooting computer problems.
The features of HP Support Assistant are organized into four distinct groups, depending on the benefits they provide. The first three groups provide a variety of useful tips and tools to help you maintain, troubleshoot, and learn about your HP computer. The fourth group helps you get assistance for the problems you cannot solve on your own.
  • Maintain: Provides information about pending actions, including software updates, alerts, tips, and automated tune ups. HP recommends performing the actions as soon as they are recommended.
  • Troubleshoot: Provides information and resources related to diagnosing and repairing your computer. These troubleshooting resources are divided into categories, such as storage devices and audio/sound. HP periodically updates the categories and actions in each category to continuously provide you with more options.
  • Learn: Provides in-depth information on how to use your computer. You can also take free online classes from the HP Web site, view Learning Centers stored on your computer, and view the specifications for your computer.
  • Get assistance: Provides a summary of the resources available to help you resolve problems by yourself, and offers options for contacting HP support agents for advanced technical assistance.
This document describes how to use the HP Support Assistant software to learn more about your computer and keep it running smoothly.
Downloading and Installing the latest version of HP Support Assistant
Before using the HP Support Assistant, be sure you are using the latest version. If you do not have the latest version, or you are experiencing problems with HP Support Assistant, Download and install the latest version of HP Support Assistant.
To find the version of HP Support Assistant you are using, click the Settings button, and then click the General tab. The version is listed in the lower-right corner.
Opening HP Support Assistant in Windows 7
To open HP Support Assistant, complete the following steps:
  1. Click Start .
  2. Click All Programs.
  3. In the Programs list, click HP, and then click HP Support Assistant.
HP Support Assistant is divided into the following four categories:
  • Maintain
  • Troubleshoot
  • Learn
  • Get assistance
    Figure : HP Support Assistant
    HP Support Assistant
  1. Home button
  2. Help button
  3. Content categories
  4. Settings
  5. Product name, product number and serial number
  6. Warranty information
  7. Send feedback to HP button
  8. Search
Changing HP Support Assistant settings in Windows 7
To change the settings, click the Settings button of the HP Support Assistant window.
Select from the following tabs:
  • Health Analysis. Schedule the frequency and time of a health scan, change how often HP Assistant checks for updates, and whether updates are installed immediately, or saved for you to install them. Also, if you give HP permission to collect computer information about software updates and usage of HP applications, you can view that data by clicking View information collected by HP on the lower part of the window.
    HP uses your computer data to improve technical support. Any data that HP collects is used solely by HP. The data is anonymous and treated according to the HP Privacy Statement. To view this policy, click HP Privacy Statement on the lower part of the window.
    Figure : Health Analysis
    Health scan settings
  • Tune-Up. Select the tasks to be performed during a computer tune-up, and specify when a tune-up will run. You can also select what operations will be performed.
    Figure : Tune-up settings
    Tune up settings
  • General. Choose to participate in the HP Help and Support Improvement Program, authorize HP Support Assistant to send data to HP to check warranty status, and choose whether to show a welcome screen every time HP Support Assistant starts.
    Figure : General settings
    General settings
  • Notifications settings. Set HP Support Assistant to notify you of updates or important information by placing an icon on the taskbar, producing a pop-up window, or using both an icon and a pop-up.
    Figure : Notifications settings
    Notifications settings
Maintaining your computer and installing the latest software updates in Windows 7
This section contains information on how to maintain your computer and how to install the latest software updates. You can select different pages from the Maintain menu. Specifically, you can do the following:
  • View your computer’s action history.
  • View postponed and completed actions.
  • Open actions that you have postponed and complete them.
  • Receive alerts or tips from HP to make sure that your computer is up-to-date.
  • Schedule periodic tune-ups for your computer to maintain optimal performance.
  • View the history of computer actions.
To access the tools to maintain your computer, click the Maintain button on the HP Support Assistant home page.
Figure : Maintain button
Maintain button
Performing a health analysis in Windows 7
  1. Open HP Support Assistant, and click the Maintain button.
  2. Click Refresh to run health analysis.
    Figure : Refresh button
    Refresh button
    The Health Analysis window displays showing the progress.
    Figure : Health Analysis window
    Health Analysis window
  3. When the analysis is complete, click the View analysis button to see the results.
    Figure : Analysis results
    Analysis results
  4. To apply an update, select the action and click the Apply button.
Performing a tune up in Windows 7
Use the Tune-up tool of HP Support Assistant to keep your computer running smoothly. To use the Tune-up tool, complete the following steps:
  1. Open HP Support Assistant, and click the Maintain button.
  2. Click the Tune-up button on the lower part of the main window.
    Figure : Tune-up button
    Tune-up button
  3. Click the Tune up now button.
    Figure : Tune up now button
    Tune up now button
  4. In the confirmation window, click the Start now button.
    Figure : Confirmation window
    Confirmation window
    Tune up might take several hours to complete. You might want to adjust some settings before running tune up.
Viewing health analysis history in Windows 7
Click the View history button in the HP Support Assistant window to view completed actions, or review and complete postponed actions.
Troubleshooting your computer in Windows 7
You can troubleshoot your computer and gather system information by selecting different categories in the Troubleshoot menu. The following categories are available:
If you are experiencing problems with HP Support Assistant, Download and install the latest version of HP Support Assistant.
  • Storage devices
  • General Specifications
  • Graphics, Video and Display
  • Network and Internet Connectivity
  • Audio and Sound
  • Warranty and Services
  • Performance and Software
  • Around the computer (keyboard, mouse, printers)
  • Power, Thermal and Mechanical
In each category, you can find information and resources to help you diagnose and repair your computer. HP periodically updates the resources and actions in each category to provide you with more troubleshooting options.
To access the troubleshooting categories, click the Troubleshoot button on the HP Support Assistant home page.
Figure : Troubleshoot button
Troubleshoot button
Click a category to find information and resources to help you diagnose or repair the problem.
Figure : Troubleshoot categories
Troubleshoot categories
Click a category button to open troubleshooting information. For example, click Storage Devices to find information and troubleshoot the hard drive, flash media, and optical drives.
Figure : Troubleshooting storage devices
Troubleshooting storage devices
Learning how to use your computer in Windows 7
The Learn category of HP Support Assistant provides in-depth information on how to use your computer.
  • Use a Learning Center, such as the Sound Learning Center, or the Internet, Networking, and Wireless Learning Center to learn more about using your computer.
  • Find the specifications for your computer.
  • Link to HP Support Forums.
  • Link to HP Learning Center and take free HP online classes.
HP continues to add more learning centers and online classes, so you should periodically check for new classes and learning centers. To open the learning centers, click the Learn button on the HP Support Assistant home page.
Figure : Learn button
Learn button
The Learn window displays.
Figure : Learn
Learn window
Using the Get Assistance feature in Windows 7
This feature provides help in solving computer problems. HP offers several different self-help and HP-help options. Some assistance options are free, but others might require a fee.
  1. To open the Get assistance feature, click the Get assistance button on the HP Support Assistant home page.
    Figure : Get assistance button
    Get assistance button
    The Get assistance window displays.
    Figure : Get assistance window
    Get assistance window
  2. Select the type of assistance: Self-help assistance or Contact options assistance.
  3. To use the self-help options, select one of the following.
    • To run a diagnostic program or to troubleshoot your computer, click the Run automated diagnostics and troubleshoot button. HP Support Assistant runs a health analysis program according to the diagnostic option you select.
    • To find your product specifications or to resolve common problems, click the Find product specifications and answers to common questions button. The HP Support Assistant learning center opens.
    • To open Internet access to HP resources, click the Access online resources for your PC button. Your Web browser opens to the HP Customer Care page for your computer.
  4. To use the contact HP options, select one of the following options:
    • To call HP and allow your computer data to transfer to a support technician, click the Call HP and let your PC transfer data to a support technician button. A Data transfer terms window displays. If you accept the terms, the data transfers, and then you will receive instructions to call an HP support technician.
    • To call HP, click the Call HP button. A Call an HP Support Technician window displays. This window contains the telephone number and operational hours for the HP Support Center. In addition, this window provides the serial number and product number for your product.








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