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Using the Distinctive Ring Feature

Distinctive ring is an optional service that is available from most telephone companies. (The service is sometimes called RingMaster or IdentaRing.) This service allows one telephone line to have multiple telephone numbers. Each telephone number has a distinctive ringing sound (a single ring, double ring, or triple ring).
The HP All-in-One fax product can be configured to answer only in response to a selected ring pattern. If the distinctive ring telephone number is used exclusively for the HP fax product, the fax can then function similarly to a fax on a dedicated telephone line.
When a distinctive ring option is selected from the fax setting, the HP fax product answers the phone only when it detects the selected ring pattern.
Faxes cannot be received when the phone line is in use. Even though the HP fax product has a separate telephone number, it is still sharing the same phone line.
Reasons for a distinctive ring service
Here are some reasons why a distinctive ring service might be needed on the phone line:
  • If voicemail is used on the same phone line, a distinctive ring service will allow the fax machine to receive a fax before it reaches voice mail. It will also allow unanswered voice calls to go directly to voice mail instead of being intercepted by the fax.
  • Privacy Block, Security Screen, Anonymous Call Rejection, and Privacy Manager are all phone services that intercept the call and screen it before allowing it to continue. These services are generally meant to prevent unwanted calls, but they will also stop faxes. Distinctive ring will prevent fax calls from being intercepted by these services if these services are not on the distinctive ring number.
Setting up the HP fax product
  1. Connect the HP All-in-One product to the telephone wall jack by following the product specific documentation for your product. A telephone may be connected directly to the HP fax product or to a different wall jack.
  2. Turn on the Auto Answer setting. (Refer to your product specific documentation for the answer mode settings)
  3. Set the Distinctive Ring option to the correct ring pattern. (See Changing fax settings below for instructions.)
    • All rings
    • Single rings
    • Double rings
    • Triple rings
    • Double and triple rings
  4. Set the Rings to Answer option to 1.
Changing fax settings
The method for changing fax settings can vary for different models of HP fax products. The settings for most HP fax products can be accessed from the front panel menu, but the settings for some HP fax products can only be accessed from the software. If the information provided below does not work for your HP fax product, refer to the product specific documentation for additional information.
Follow the steps below for basic menu navigation on most HP fax products.
  1. Press Menu or Setup.
  2. Press the Right or Left arrow buttons to navigate menu options.
  3. Press ENTER or OK.
  4. Use the arrow keys to navigate to Distinctive Ring and then press ENTER or OK.
  5. Select the correct ring pattern for the service you have.
  6. Follow steps 1 and 2 to navigate to Rings to Answer and then press ENTER or OK.
  7. Select 1 and then press ENTER or OK.
The Rings to Answer and Distinctive Ring options may also be located in the Basic Fax Setup submenu.


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