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HP Notebook PCs - YouCam Quick Setup

This document pertains to HP Notebook PCs with Windows Vista.
What is YouCam?
YouCam is webcam software available on some HP and Compaq computers. This software is used to take individual snapshots and capture short video sequences with the built-in webcam, manipulate these photos and videos for artistic effect, and then share the files with other people. The files can be e-mailed, uploaded to the web manually, or uploaded through an embedded link to the YouTube video sharing service.
If YouCam is not already installed on the computer, this document describes how to download and install the program, and provides an overview of the interface and controls.
Obtaining and installing YouCam
To obtain YouCam, do the following:
  1. Open a browser, go to the Software & Driver downloads page, type the PC's model number in the search field and then press enter.
    Alternately, type SP37849 in the Question or keywords search field, and then press enter to begin the search.
  2. When prompted, select the specific product from the models listed.
  3. When prompted, select the proper Vista operating system.
  4. View the list of drivers, and click the YouCam webcam driver to open a window with additional information.
  5. Click the Download only option to save the file to a folder on the hard drive or desktop, then double-click the file's icon to begin installation. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the installation process.
Always check to make sure that you have the most recent version of the program, as well as the most recent version of Webcam drivers.
YouCam software and controls
YouCam has both video tutorials and extensive documentation available. For more detailed information, please refer to the manufacturer's website, www.cyberlink.com (in English).
Figure : YouCam controls
  1. Main control bar: From this area, you may:
    • Import new effects downloaded from the manufacturer's website.
    • Configure options, such as selecting which webcam you wish to use for input, as well as video quality and size.
    • Take a single snapshot of the webcam feed.
    • Take a burst, or a series of snapshots of the webcam feed.
    • Capture a video, or stop recording a video of the webcam feed.
  2. Captured file bar: This bar provides options for uploading a file directly to the YouTube online video sharing service, emailing a media file, or deleting a media file from the captured content area.
  3. Captured content area: This area displays the files you have already captured, displayed as thumbnails, including any effects you may have applied to them. You may doubleclick any file listed here to view it or play it.
  4. Emotion effects bar: This bar allows you to apply any one of a number of graphics over the top of your webcam feed before taking a snapshot or capturing a video.
  5. Main viewing window: Displays the feed being taken by the webcam as it receives the input, and allows you to see what each effect looks like when applied to that footage.
  6. Effects tabs: These tabs allow you to select from three different libraries of effects that you may apply to your webcam footage. These include frames, filters, and distortions.
  7. Remove effects button: Clicking this button, or pressing the F5 key, will remove any effects that you have added to your webcam footage, returning you to a plain feed from the webcam.
  8. Effects library: Depending on which of the effects tabs has been selected, the library will display thumbnails of the live webcam feed with examples of different effects applied to it. Clicking on a sample will apply that effect to the feed, which can be seen in the main viewing window.
Microphone Recordings Are Inaudible
If you have recorded a video using YouCam that contains sound but the microphone recordings are inaudible, it may be that:
  • The notebook PC default microphone boost level is set to 0dB by default. Recordings made using CyberLink YouCam are inaudible at this level. Changing the microphone boost level to +10dB/20dB allows audible recordings. You should download and install the latest audio sound driver, then test the recording level..
  • The Capture with audio option which controls the sound from the microphone may be de-selected. To verify the YouCam Settings, start YouCam and click the Configure icon on the main control bar, and then verify that the Capture with audio option is selected.








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