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Why do I Need email Address for Visitors and Home Server users?
Webshare has a notification mechanism that uses email to share photos with others. In order for Webshare to send email and notify other users or visitors, you must configure and enable Webshare email notification in the administrative console. TZO email is strongly recommended whenever TZO domain names are being used, but SMTP email can also be used for email notifications.
Why do I Need to Set-up Webshare Notifications?
Webshare has a feature to send email notifications whenever items are shared with others, and the email addresses of these users is required. It is recommended that visitor accounts always use the same email as the user name, as opposed to having a different user name than the email address of a visitor (which can add confusion for visitors). Email for Home Server users must be set up separately within Webshare, as there is no other location that uses the email address of Home Server users.
How do I Find what my SMTP Server is?
Contact your internet service provider to find your SMTP email settings. Many service providers provide these settings as part of their email setup instructions for users. However, occasionally some ISPs do not provide SMTP email services. For these situations, some free email accounts also provide SMTP access.
Do I Need to do an SMTP email Configuration?
If you are not using TZO domain services, then SMTP is required to use any Webshare email feature. TZO email and domain services are a package, and for most situations it is recommended that you use both together or neither.
Photo Webshare Announcements Have Not Been Received
  • Ensure that SMTP server information is correct.
    Contact your ISP to insure the information you entered is correct.
  • Check that you enabled email notification for the group.
    Check that the persons who have not received the email are in the correct group.
Emailed Link Not Opening
Web site connectivity not on, turn web site connectivity on.
Email is Not Received
Verify that the correct email address was entered.


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