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Getting the Printer Claim Code

This document explains how to get the printer claim code you need to register your printer with HP Connected. A claim code is a unique identification number assigned to your printer. You do not need the code again unless you want to move your printer from one HP Connected account to another.
The steps in this document apply to Web-Connected HP printers. To see if your printer supports HP Web Services and ePrint, go to HP Web-Connected Printers and Supported Cloud Services.
Getting the printer claim code
You can find your claim code on a Web Services information sheet.
Step one: Print a Web Services information sheet
Follow these steps to select your printer, and then print the sheet.
Step two: Locate the printer claim code on the Web Services information sheet
The Web Services information sheet you printed contains instructions on setting up your printer with HP Connected. Locate your printer’s claim code on the sheet, and then input it when you add your printer to the Devices tab.
    Figure : Example of a claim code on a Web Services information sheet
    Image: Example of a Web Services information sheet with the claim code
  1. Location of the claim code on the information sheet
For security purposes, the claim code expires 24 hours after you print the information sheet. Print the information sheet again if you need to re-enable the claim code for another 24 hours.
What if my printer claim code doesn't work?
If your printer claim code does not work, review the following reasons and solutions.
  • The printer claim code expired: Print the Web Services information sheet again to re-enable your claim code for 24 hours.
  • The printer claim code was not entered correctly: Make sure that you type the correct printer claim code when you add the printer to your HP Connected account.
  • The printer was added to a different HP Connected account: Remove the printer from any other HP Connected account before you add it to the new account.
  • The information sheet has a custom email address instead of a code: If the sheet lists your printer’s email address, (for instance: franks-printer@hpeprint.com), you already used your claim code to set up your printer. You do not need to print another claim code.
    If you need the code to transfer your printer to a different HP Connected account, you must disable and then re-enable Web Services. Return to the Web Services menu on the printer control panel to disable and re-enable Web Services, and then print another information sheet to get your claim code.
    After you re-enable Web Services, you must create a new custom email address for your printer and restore any ePrint and printables settings on your printer.


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