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HP PCs - Obtaining HP Recovery Discs or an HP USB Recovery Drive

This document applies to all HP computers.
An HP recovery solution can be used to return a computer's software configuration to its original condition. HP provides a recovery solution on the hard drive, but it is still a good idea to have a recovery solution on a USB storage device or discs. A disc or USB device can be stored in a safe place and used in the event of a hard drive failure, a hard drive format, or in the event you change the operating system. Use the sections in this document to obtain a recovery solution that works best for you.
HP computers designed for commercial use, such as Workstations or Pro series, use “Operating System” or “HP Restore Plus” DVDs. To order these types of discs, go to the HP Replacement Part Store.
Recovering your computer without an HP recovery kit
You might not need recovery discs or a USB recovery solution from HP to recover the software on your computer. HP provides a recovery solution on a separate area of the hard drive. If the hard drive is still functional, you can still perform an HP system recovery from the hard drive as long as the recovery information has not been destroyed or corrupted.
To do a software recovery from the hard drive, turn on the computer and repeatedly press the F11 key until "Windows is loading files..." displays on the screen. If your computer originally came with Windows XP or earlier, press F10 to enter recovery instead of F11.
Creating recovery discs or USB storage device solution
Did you know that HP retail computers can create a set of recovery discs or can install a recovery solution to an external USB storage device?
The advantages to creating a recovery solution from your computer are: they are less costly than ordering, can be created faster than the time it takes to have them shipped, and the discs you create usually recover software faster than other types of recovery discs for your computer. However, due to software licensing, only one set of recovery discs can be created.
If your computer can open Windows, use HP Recovery Media Creator software from the Windows Start menu to create one set of recovery discs. For more information on how to burn your own set of recovery discs, see Creating Recovery Discs or Saving a Recovery Image to a USB Flash Drive.
Ordering a recovery kit from HP in the United States and Canada
If you cannot create a recovery solution, you might be able to order a recovery kit from HP - either on discs or a USB device. HP maintains an inventory of replacement kits for several years after the product has been released. However, because of software licensing restrictions, HP is only able to provide recovery kits for a limited time.
If you are in the United States or Canada, use the following steps to order a recovery kit if one is available:
  1. Find the serial number for your computer and write the number down on a piece of paper. The serial number is located on a service tag label adhered the case of the computer. For some notebook models sold in 2010 or later, you need to remove the battery or open an access hatch on the bottom of the notebook to see the service tag.
    Figure : An example of a service tag (the tag on your computer may look different)
An example of a service tag (the tag on your computer may look different)
  2. Write down any model numbers and product names listed on the service tag. Use these names to determine the exact model name (not series) of your computer.
    It is very important that you know the computer's exact model number/product name - not the series name that is often printed directly on the product's exterior. If you use the series name to order discs, the discs probably will not work. For example, there are several models of G62 notebook computers, but only one model G62-149WM. To learn more about how to find model numbers for HP products, see HP Guide to finding your product number.
  3. Open a web browser and go to the www.hp.com home page, and then click the Download drivers from the Support menu at the top of the page.
  4. Enter the product number or complete product name of your computer in the Find my product field, and then click Go .
    Figure : Enter a product name/number
Enter a product name/number
  5. If you are presented with a list of several links to product support sites, click the link that matches your computer's model number.
    Figure : Click model number
Click model number
  6. A Software and Drivers page opens. Make sure that the model number listed at the top of the page matches the model number/product name of your computer. If the model number does not match, double-check the product name/number on the service tag, and search the HP Web site again.
  7. Click Go under Option 2: Go directly to the software and driver results .
    Figure : Click Go
Click Go
  8. On the Drivers page for your computer, use the drop-down menu to select the original operating system that came with your computer, and then click Next .
    Figure : Select your operating system
Select your operating system
  9. On the list of downloads, click Order Recovery Media - CD/DVD/USB , and then click Order Media to open an ordering page.
    The ordering pages use a secure connection to protect your privacy.
    If you cannot find an "Order Recovery Media - CD/DVD/USB" section, select another operating system from the drop down list. If you cannot find a Recovery Media section for your computer model, HP does not have a recovery kit available.
    Figure : Order Recovery Media
Order Recovery Media
  10. On the order summary page, enter the required Serial number , and then click Next .
    If an error page opens stating that HP was unable to find the page you wanted, use another Internet browser, such as Firefox, to order your software from HP. The ordering process is known not to work under certain configurations of Internet Explorer.
    Figure : Enter your product's serial number
Enter your product's serial number
  11. Enter a 5-digit zip code and click Next .
  12. Select a Shipping method from the options provided, and then click Next .
    Figure : Select a shipping method
Select a shipping method
  13. Complete the shipping address form, and then click Next . The information on this form should match the address for your credit card.
    Figure : Enter the shipping address
Enter the shipping address
  14. If the billing address is the same as the shipping address, select Use my shipping address , and then click Next .
    Figure : Billing address
Billing address
    If the billing address is different from the shipping address, select Use a different address , click Next , complete the billing address form, and then click Next .
  15. Enter your payment information, including a credit card number and credit card verification number, and then click Submit .
    Figure : Enter your payment information
Enter your payment information
  16. Confirm your order information to complete the transaction.
Finding recovery discs or a USB device from other websites
If HP no longer provides recovery kits for your model of computer and a recovery kit cannot be created, you might find a solution outside of HP.
Try all of the other options in this support document before attempting to order a recovery kit from outside HP.
Popular online auction sites and computer part suppliers might have an original HP recovery kit (discs or a USB device) in stock. However, be careful and understand the risks when purchasing recovery discs from any source outside of HP. Beware of sites that offer recovery solutions when they are not affiliated with HP. Check the identification label on your computer to make sure that that recovery solution will work with your exact product/model number of PC before making your purchase. On some notebooks, this may be in the battery compartment or etched in the case.
Contacting support for recovery discs
If you cannot order a recovery disc set from HP or you cannot create a usable set from your computer, contact HP Support. HP Support might be able to send out new discs or replace defective versions depending on your situation and availability.








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