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CD/DVD Drive Is Not Detected (Windows Vista)

This document pertains to HP notebook PCs with Windows Vista.
When you try to burn or read a disc, nothing happens or an error stating that the drive cannot be found appears in the CD/DVD burning software.
Before you begin
Before you begin troubleshooting, ensure that AutoPlay is set to open the correct playback software for each media type.
A common problem is using the wrong software for the task that you want to perform. For example, trying to use video playback software such as Microsoft Media Player to burn a data disc will not work. To prevent this, the AutoPlay feature allows you to select default applications that Windows uses when a disc is inserted into the drive.
Use the following steps to configure AutoPlay:
  1. Click Start, enter autoplay in the search field, then select AutoPlay from the resulting list.
  2. Select the Use AutoPlay for all media and devices check box on the AutoPlay window.
  3. Using the drop-down menus for each media type, select the application that Windows uses to handle discs of that media type.
    For example, if you want all music CDs to play through Windows Media Player, set Audio CD to Play audio CD using Windows Media Player. Similarly, if want to rip audio CDs through Power2Go, choose the Rip Audio CD using Power2Go option.
    Figure : Audio CD options in AutoPlay
    Audio CD options in AutoPlay
  4. Click Save to keep the changes and close AutoPlay.
You are now ready to start troubleshooting the device itself.
Troubleshooting your CD/DVD drive
In this section is a series of troubleshooting tasks to help you resolve CD/DVD drive problems. While the tasks do not need to be performed in order, it is recommended that you perform them in order to be thorough.


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