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Setting Parental Controls (Windows 7)

This information applies to HP desktop computers running Windows 7.
Use Parental Controls to set limits on the hours that children can use the computer, the types of games they can play, and the programs they can run.
If your computer is connected to a domain, Parental Controls are not available.
  • Set time limits. Set time limits to control when children are allowed to log on to the computer, including setting different logon hours for each day of the week. If a user is logged on when their time ends, they are automatically logged off.
  • Prevent your children from playing certain games. To control access to games, choose an age-rating level, block certain types of games, and allow or block specific games.
  • Keep your children from running specific programs. Use this option to prevent children from running programs that you do not want them to run.
To set parental controls, use the following steps:
You must be logged in as an administrator to set Parental Controls.
  1. To open the Parental Controls, click Start , and type Parental controls in the Search box. In the search results, click Parental Controls.
    The Parental Controls page opens.
    Figure : Setting up Parental Controls
    Setting up Parental Controls
  2. Click the user for which you want to set the controls.
    If the user does not have a user account, click Create a new user account, and follow the instructions to create an account.
  3. In the User Controls page, click On, enforce current settings, in the Parental Controls area.
    Figure : Setting controls
    Setting controls
  4. In the Windows Settings area, click Time limits.
    In the Time Restrictions page, click and drag the hours you want to block or allow, and then click OK to return to the User Controls page.
    Figure : Setting time restrictions
    Setting time restrictions
  5. In the Windows Settings area, click Games to control the types of game this user can play.
    Click Yes to allow this user to play games.
    Figure : Controlling games
    Controlling games
  6. Click Set game ratings. Select the ratings that are appropriate for this user to play, and then click OK.
    Figure : Setting game ratings
    Setting game ratings
  7. Click Block or Allow specific games. In the Game Overrides, make selections, and then click OK.
    Figure : Setting game overrides
    Setting game overrides
  8. Review the game settings on the Game Controls page, and then click OK.
    Figure : Game controls
    Game controls
  9. If you want to block specific programs on the computer from this user, in the Windows Settings area, click Allow and block specific programs. Make your selections and click OK.
  10. Review the settings on the User Controls page, and then make any changes or click OK to return to the Parental Controls page.
    Figure : Reviewing your settings
    Reviewing your settings.
    Figure : Parental controls on
    Parental controls on


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