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Troubleshooting FireWire Connections (Windows 7)

This document applies to HP and Compaq Desktop computers with Windows 7.
This document describes general troubleshooting tips for IEEE-1394 (FireWire) devices in Windows 7. Perform the steps in one of the following sections to find a solution.
Some FireWire devices require that the FireWire device software drivers be installed before connecting the FireWire device to the computer, such as certain digital cameras. When installing a FireWire device always follow the installation documentation from the device manufacturer. In cases where the installation of a device has failed, it might be necessary to use Microsoft System restore to go back to a time prior to when the device was installed or use a forced uninstall tool from the manufacturer's Web site.
Updating the FireWire driver software
Updating the FireWire Host controller can fix issues with a FireWire connection. Use the following steps to update the driver software:
  1. Connect to the Internet if the computer is not already connected.
  2. Click Start .
  3. Type Device Manager into the Search field. Click Device Manager from the results.
  4. Click the plus sign (+) next to Other Devices if it exists. If other devices are not listed, go to number 8.
  5. If there are any references to IEEE 1394, such as Bus host controller, right-click the name and select Update Driver Software. Follow this information to download and install any available updates.
    The name Other Devices is automatically removed and then added to the IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers category.
  6. Test the FireWire device again. If the message opens, continue using these steps. If the message no longer opens, you are done.
  7. If there are no more references to FireWire in the Other Devices category, click the plus sign (+) next to IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers.
  8. Right-click a Host Controller and select Update Driver Software.
    Figure : IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers
    Update Driver Software...
  9. Follow the screens that open to find and install any available updates through Microsoft.
  10. Test the FireWire device again. If the problem is not fixed, continue on to the next section.
Identifying the FireWire connection issue
Choose the following step for the symptom that best matches the issue you are experiencing. Click the heading to expand the information.
FireWire devices are detected by Windows but are not working properly
Perform the following steps to troubleshoot the FireWire port when a FireWire device is not working correctly:
FireWire device is not detected by Windows
Troubleshoot the FireWire port when the computer does not detect a FireWire device.
When you click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in Windows 7, a connected FireWire storage device is not displayed
If a FireWire storage device does not appear in the Safely Remove Hardware window, unplug the device, and then restart Windows.
You hear no audio playback after you unplug a FireWire audio device
When a FireWire audio device is unplugged, such as headphones or a microphone, no audio playback from the speakers is heard.
This can occur because Windows 7 did not detect the removal of the FireWire audio device and is still trying to send audio to the unplugged device.


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