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HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - Using HP LinkUp to Remotely Access Computers on a Home Network

This document pertains to HP and Compaq desktop computers with Windows 7 and HP LinkUp.
If you have an HP or Compaq desktop computer that came with Windows 7, your computer may have HP LinkUp installed. HP LinkUp enables you to use your HP or Compaq desktop computer to access other computers on your home network. You can then work with files directly, without having to transfer the files between the computers.
Installing HP LinkUp Sender on the remote computer
Before you can access a remote computer, you must install HP LinkUp Sender on that computer. Follow these steps to install HP LinkUp Sender:
  1. Support for this application is limited in some countries/regions.
  2. If a Security Warning window opens, click Run.
    Figure : Security Warning
    Image of Security Warning window
  3. On the HP LinkUp Sender welcome screen, click Get Started.
    Figure : HP LinkUp Sender welcome screen
    Image of HP LinkUp Sender welcome screen
    The wizard installs the HP LinkUp Sender software.
    Figure : Installing software
    Image of InstallShield Wizard
  4. Make a note of the computer name listed on the next screen, and click Next. The computer name is used by HP LinkUp to identify and connect to the computer.
    Figure : Computer name
    Image of the computer name window
  5. The installer checks for a valid password for the current user. Verify the username, and then click Next.
    HP LinkUp requires a user name and password to connect to the computer. If the current user account does not have a password, you are prompted to create one now.
    Figure : Username and Password check
    Image of the Username and Password check window
  6. Save all open files, and then click Finish to restart the computer.
    Figure : Installation complete
    Image of Installation Complete window
  7. Repeat these steps for all computers you want to access remotely.
Using HP LinkUp Viewer
After installing HP LinkUp Sender on the remote computer, you can use HP LinkUp Viewer to access the computer. Follow these steps to use HP LinkUp Viewer:
  1. On the computer that has HP LinkUp Viewer, click Start , All Programs, HP, HP LinkUp, then click HP LinkUp Viewer.
  2. The first time you open HP LinkUp Viewer, you are prompted to set your update preferences. Select one of the options, and then click Done.
    Figure : Select your update preferences
    Image of LinkUp Viewer Options window
  3. On the welcome screen, click Get Started.
    Figure : HP LinkUp Viewer welcome screen
    Image of the HP LinkUp Viewer welcome screen
  4. Click I have installed HP LinkUp on my remote computer(s).
    If you have not installed HP LinkUp on the remote computer, see Installing HP LinkUp Sender on the remote computer(s).
    Figure : Step 1
    Image of Step 1 window
  5. HP LinkUp scans for remote computers. When the scan is complete, select the remote computer you want to access and click Connect to my remote computer.
    Figure : Step 2
    Image of Step 2 window
    If the scan does not detect the remote computer, click If you know your remote computer name click here. Type the computer name and then click Connect to my remote computer.
    Figure : Enter the computer name
    Image of Step 2 window
  6. Type the user name and password for the user account for the remote computer. Then click Login and proceed to HP LinkUp Viewer.
    Figure : Step 3
    Image of Step 3 window
    HP LinkUp Viewer connects to the remote computer. Once connected, you can access important documents directly, without having to transfer your files between computers.
    Figure : HP LinkUp Viewer, connected to remote computer
    Image of HP LinkUp Viewer, connected to remote computer
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use HP LinkUp when logged in to the computer as a Guest?
No, you must be signed in to the Viewer computer with an administrator or standard user account to use HP LinkUp.
How do I connect to my Sender computer after changing my user name on that computer?
Due to the way that Windows handles user accounts, the actual user profile is not changed when you change your user name on the computer. The user name and password remain the same as you created during Windows setup. Continue to use your previous user name and password to log-in.
Why can't I log in to the Sender computer as a standard user when an administrator has locked the computer?
Windows security prohibits a standard user from logging in when an administrator has locked the computer. Log in as an administrator to access the Sender computer.
Why can't I connect to two Sender computers with the same computer name?
HP LinkUp cannot connect to 2 separate computers with the same name. Rename one of the computer names to access both using HP LinkUp.
Can I connect to a Sender computer when the firewall is enabled?
Some firewalls may block HP LinkUp from accessing the Sender computer. If you cannot connect to the computer, change the firewall settings to allow HP LinkUp or turn off the firewall, then try to connect again.
When I copy text and images from a Microsoft Word document, the images do not display. Why not?
With HP LinkUp, you cannot copy images embedded in Microsoft Word. If you try to copy embedded images between computers, the images do not display. However, you can save images to the hard drive of one computer and then copy the image to the other computer using HP LinkUp. Then you can paste the image into Microsoft Word.
Why can't I hear sound on my Viewer computer when I have USB Speakers connected to my Sender computer?
HP LinkUp cannot play sound if USB Speakers are connected to the Sender computer. Disconnect the USB Speakers to enable sound.
How do I uninstall the RGS component of HP LinkUp?
You must completely uninstall HP LinkUp to uninstall individual components, such as RGS.





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