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Blinking Lights on the HP Deskjet 460 and Officejet H470 Mobile Printer Series

Blinking lights
The lights on the front of the product indicate the product status. These lights can be on, off, or blinking (flashing), depending on the status of the product. Blinking lights can indicate error conditions. They might also indicate that the product is starting up, processing a print job, or charging batteries.
Following are the different lights and buttons on the product control panel.
    Figure : Lights and buttons on the control panel
    Image:  The product control panel
  1. Cancel light
  2. Resume button
  3. Resume light
  4. Battery charging light
  5. Left Cartridge light
  6. Right Cartridge light
  7. Power button
  8. Power light
The following sections describe the most common issues related to the light patterns on your product. Find the issue related to the blinking lights pattern you are experiencing, and then follow the steps to resolve the issue.
Contacting HP for service in Asia Pacific.
If you completed all the preceding steps and your product still has an issue, you might need further assistance from HP.
Go to Contact HP to review available service options.
Contacting HP for service in all countries/regions except Asia Pacific.
If you completed all the preceding steps and your product still has an issue, service the product.
First, go to HP Product Warranty Check to check your warranty status, and then go to Contact HP to find an authorized service dealer or to schedule a repair. Repair fees might apply for out of warranty products.


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