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Replacing the Printhead for HP Officejet Pro 8000 Printer Series

You might want to replace the printheads if the print quality is not what you expect, or if a "Printhead Problem" error message cannot be cleared.
Replacing the printheads
Follow these steps to replace the printheads in the HP product.
The following video demonstrates how to install and replace ink cartridges and printheads.
The video shows the HP Officejet Pro 8000. The outside of the product might not look the same as your product, but the steps are the same.
If you have trouble viewing the video, or to view the video in a different size, click here to play the video on YouTube.
USB cables are not included with the HP product.
Step one: Replace the printheads
  1. Press the Power button () to turn the printer on.
  2. Load clean, unused, plain white, A4/Letter-sized paper in the input tray.
  3. Open the top cover of the HP product. The carriage moves to the left.
  4. If the carriage does not move to the left automatically, press and hold the Resume button () until the carriage moves to the left. Wait for the carriage to stop moving.
  5. Lift the printhead latch.
    Figure : Lift the printhead latch
    Lift the printhead latch
  6. Lift the handle of the old printhead and use it to pull the printhead out of its slot.
  7. While the new printhead is still in the package, shake the new printhead up and down at least six times.
    Figure : Shake the new printhead
    Shake the new printhead
  8. Remove the new printhead from the package, and then remove the orange protective caps.
    Figure : Remove the protective caps
    Remove the protective caps
    Do not shake the printhead after you remove the caps.
  9. Insert the printhead into its color-coded slot. Make sure that the label on the printhead matches the label on the printhead latch.
    • Insert the Black/Yellow printhead into the slot on the left.
    • Insert the Magenta/Cyan printhead into the slot on the right.
    Figure : Insert the new printhead
    Insert the new printhead
  10. Press down firmly on the printhead until it snaps into place.
  11. Pull the printhead latch all the way forward, and then press down to make sure that the latch engages. You might have to apply some pressure to engage the latch.
    Figure : Close the printhead latch
    Close the printhead latch
  12. Close the top cover.
  13. Wait while the product initializes the printheads and prints the alignment page.
    • If the alignment page prints, the HP product automatically aligned the printheads. You have finished replacing the printhead.
    • If the alignment page does not print, continue with the next step.
Step two: Align the printheads
Whenever you insert or replace a printhead, the HP product automatically aligns the printhead and prints an alignment page to ensure the best print quality. If the HP product does not print the alignment page automatically, start the alignment process manually.
Make sure that you load unused, plain white, A4/Letter-sized paper in the HP product to print the alignment page.
  1. Press and hold the Power button ().
  2. Press the Resume button () three times.
  3. Release the Power button (). The alignment process starts.


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