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Setting Up the Printer Hardware for HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fn and CM1415fnw Color MFP Printer Series

This document explains how to set up the physical parts of the product. Complete these steps before you install the product software on your computer.
This document includes the following steps to set up the product:
  • Unpack the product
  • Check the contents of the box
  • Prepare the cartridges
  • Connect the power cord
  • Turn on power
  • Load plain paper
Set up the printer
Follow these steps in the order presented. When you are finished, you can click the appropriate link at the end of this document if you need instructions to install the product software.
Do NOT connect a USB cable now. If you plan to use a USB cable to connect the product to the computer, you will be prompted to connect it at the correct time during software installation.
Step one: Unpack the product
Remove all the orange shipping tape and packaging material from the product.
Figure : Remove packing tape
Image: Remove packing tape
Step two: Check the contents of the box
The contents might vary by country/region. See the packaging for a list of items shipped in the box.
Step three: Prepare the cartridges
  1. Open the front door on the product.
    Figure : Open the front door
    Image: Open the front door on the product
  2. Pull out the cartridge drawer.
    Figure : Pull out the cartridge drawer
    Image: Pull out the cartridge drawer
  3. Remove the cartridge shipping locks. Locate the orange ring on the left side of one of the cartridges, and then pull straight up on the ring to remove the shipping lock.
    Repeat these steps to remove the shipping locks from the other cartridges.
    Figure : Remove the shipping locks and then discard them
    Image: Remove the shipping locks and then discard them
  4. Push the cartridge drawer into the product.
    Figure : Push the cartridge drawer into the product
    Image: Push  the cartridge drawer back into the product
  5. Close the front door.
    Figure : Close the front door
    Image: Close the front door
    The product control panel displays the message 'Initializing' while the product prepares the cartridges.
Step four: Connect the power cord
Connect the power cord to the rear of the product, and then plug it into the wall outlet.
Figure : Connect the power cord
Image: Connect the power cord.
Step five: Turn on the power
Press the Power switch to turn on the product.
Figure : Turn on the power
Image: Turn on the power
After you turn on the product, a 'Remove shipping lock from XX cartridge' message might display on the product control panel. If you receive this message, follow these steps to resolve the issue.
Click the plus sign () for more information.
Step six: Load plain paper
  1. Pull out Tray 1.
    Figure : Pull out Tray 1
    Image: Pull out Tray 1
  2. Slide open the paper guides.
    Figure : Slide open the paper guides
    Image: Slide open the paper guides
  3. If you are loading legal paper, squeeze the blue lever, and then slide open the front paper guide all the way.
    Figure : Tray adjustment for legal paper
    Image: Tray adjustment for legal paper
    With legal paper loaded, the tray extends from the front of the product approximately 51 mm (2 in).
  4. Load the paper print-side up, with the top edge at the back of the tray.
    Figure : Load the paper print-side up
    Image: Load the paper
  5. Adjust the paper guides until they rest against the paper.
    Figure : Adjust the paper guides
    Image: Adjust the paper guides
  6. Insert Tray 1 into the product.
    Figure : Insert Tray 1
    Image: Insert Tray 1 into the product.


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