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Inserting the Memory Cards

Use the information and instructions in this document as a reference when inserting supported memory cards in the HP Photosmart All-in-One.
Supported memory card types
The following memory cards are supported:
  • CompactFlash I and II
  • Secure Digital
    SDHC cards are not supported.
    Mini SD adapters are not compatible.
  • MultiMediaCard (MMC)
  • Secure MultiMedia Card
  • xD-Picture Card
  • Memory Stick
  • Magic Gate Memory Stick
  • Memory Stick Duo (with user-supplied adapter)
  • Memory Stick Pro
Using any other type of memory card may damage the memory card and the all-in-one.
Memory card slot locations
The following illustration shows the location of the memory card slots.
Figure : Memory card slot locations
Slot location
Memory cards
Top left slot
Secure Digital, MultiMediaCard (MMC)
Secure MultiMedia Card
Memory Stick
Magic Gate Memory Stick
Memory Stick Duo (with user-supplied adapter)
Memory Stick Pro
xD-Picture Card
Top right slot
Memory Stick Duo (without user-supplied adapter)
Bottom slot
CompactFlash (I, II)
Insert a memory card
  • Inserting the memory card any other way may damage the card and the all-in-one.
  • When inserting a SD card into the printer make sure not to insert it at an angle as this could bend the pins for the XD reader
  • Never attempt to remove a memory card while it is being accessed. Doing so can damage files on the card. You can safely remove a card only when the status light next to the memory card slots is not blinking. Also, never insert more than one memory card at a time. Doing so can also damage files on the memory cards. Do not pull out a memory card while the Memory Card light is flashing green.
  1. After you have taken pictures with a digital camera, remove the memory card from the camera.
  2. Turn the memory card so that the label faces up and the contacts face the all-in-one.
  3. Insert the memory card into the corresponding memory card slot.
Use the following guidelines when inserting memory cards:
  • Insert only one memory card at a time.
  • Gently push the memory card into the all-in-one until it stops. The memory card does not insert all the way into the all-in-one; do not try to force it.
  • When the memory card is inserted correctly, the Memory Card light flashes and then remains solid green.


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