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Setup an HP USB Media Port Replicator

The HP Essential USB Port Replicator simplifies connections between your notebook computer and peripheral devices. USB peripherals include printer, external storage device, and camera, as well as a cabled LAN for faster data throughput, all via one cable. Use this document to setup an HP USB Media Port Replicator.
The HP Essential USB Port Replicator cannot be used to power your notebook computer. The AC adapter that comes with the port replicator powers only the port replicator.
Step 1: Setup the port replicator hardware
Use the following steps to set up the port replicator hardware:
  1. Remove the port replicator and power adapter from the box.
  2. Place the port replicator in a location near the computer and close to other devices that you will want to connect, such as a printer or monitor.
  3. Connect the power adapter for the port replicator into a power outlet.
  4. Connect the power adapter cable to the power outlet on the port replicator.
    The port replicator does not supply power or charge the notebook battery. The power adapter for the port replicator supplies power to the port replicator only.
Some port replicators are used with docking stations or stands that allow you to raise and tilt the notebook for more convenient use.
Step 2: Install the software
An installation CD containing installation instructions and hardware drivers is included with the port replicator. Before connecting the docking station to the notebook, insert the CD in the optical disc drive and allow the installation program to open.
For most models, you can click each menu item to view documentation or install the drivers, one at a time.
The following error message may display when the port replicator is attached to the notebook; "Device driver software was not successfully installed." Device Manager also indicates that a device driver was not successfully installed. You can exit the installation program and install the driver directly from the installation disc.
Step 3: Install SMSC network driver from the installation disc
To install the network driver for the port replicator from the CD, do the following.
  1. Exit the Installation program.
  2. Open Windows Explorer, select the CD/DVD drive and navigate to the \files\lan folder.
  3. Find and double-click install.exe file to open the LAN9500 installation program.
  4. Follow the interactive on-scene dialogs to complete the driver installation.
Optional: Install drivers using Windows plug and play process
If Device Manager indicates that a device driver was not successfully installed, you can use the Windows Update Driver functionality to install the latest driver. You can also use the Windows Update function if you connect the dock to the notebook before running the installation disc. In either case, Device Manager reports an error. To install the proper drivers using the Windows Driver Update function, do the following.
  1. Turn on the computer and connect to the Internet (from the computer - not through the port replicator).
  2. Make sure the USB cable from the PC to the port replicator is connected.
  3. Connect the connection cables from the port replicator to any peripherals, such as printer, monitor, keyboard, external speakers, etc., but leave the devices turned off.
  4. Turn on the computer. If the installation program on the CD launches automatically, exit the installation program.
  5. Turn on the peripheral devices - one at a time - and allow Windows to detect each plug-n-play component. It will take a few seconds for the computer to recognize each device and begin installing the drivers.
  6. If the following failure message displays, click the message for details.
    Device driver software was not successfully installed.
  7. Click Change settings to locate drivers for devices that did not install successfully.
  8. Select the Install driver software from Windows Update if it is not found on my computer. option, and then click Save Changes.
Allow Windows to search the CD in the optical drive, and the Windows Update for the appropriate drivers. The drivers will be found and successfully installed. The USB port replicator installation is now complete and ready to use.


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