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Checking Ink Levels for HP Officejet J6400 All-in-One Printer Series

Check the ink supply level to estimate the amount of ink remaining in the print cartridges, and to determine how soon a print cartridge needs replacement.
Ink level warnings and indicators provide estimates for planning purposes only. When an indicator shows low-ink levels, consider having a replacement cartridge available to avoid possible printing delays. You do not need to replace cartridges until print quality becomes unacceptable.
Checking ink levels
Use one of the following methods to check the ink levels.
The ink level is displayed on the main screen of the control panel display. Locate the two icons that represent the print cartridges. The icon on the left is for the color cartridge and the icon on the right is for the black cartridge.
  • The exclamation mark (!) symbol indicates a low ink level.
  • The question mark (?) symbol indicates the product cannot determine the status of the print cartridge. This might be because the cartridge is refilled.
    Figure : Ink levels on the control panel display
  1. Exclamation mark indicates low ink in the color cartridge
  2. Ink level in the black cartridge is OK
Follow these steps to check the estimated ink levels using HP Toolbox.
  1. Make sure the product is on and connected to the computer.
  2. Open HP Solution Center.
    • Windows XP: On the Windows taskbar, click Start, click All Programs, point to HP, and then click HP Solution Center.
    • Windows Vista: On the Windows taskbar, click the Windows icon (), click All Programs, click HP, and then click HP Solution Center.
    • Windows 2000: On the Windows taskbar, click Start, click Programs, point to HP, and then click HP Solution Center.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Point to Print Settings, and then click Printer Toolbox. Printer Toolbox opens.
  5. Check the ink levels displayed on the Estimated Ink Levels tab.
Figure : Estimated ink levels


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